A carport is a valuable addition to any domestic home due to the cost-effective design, hassle-free installation, and versatile functionality while keeping you dry as you walk to and from your car.

Anthracite Grey Carport

A carport can also double up as an effective walkway system to allow for safe passage between your home or commercial property and any external rooms connected by your driveway, such as a garage or storage space.

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Carports are seeing a vast growth in demand over recent years, with many homeowners opting to use their expenditure to optimise the value of their own home and seeing the vast benefits they can offer.

The modest yet effective design allows great affordability. However, if customers require a more decorative carport to fit in with a traditional style, bespoke designs are available upon request along with our Victorian upgrade Package which can be added to create a more aesthetically pleasing and ornate finish.

3 Systems Available

Simplicity 16

Our most popular Carport system; Highly durable and easy to install, with a maximum of 4 metres projection, 4 choices of Polycarbonate for a lightweight roofing system, and a range of colours.

Simplicity 35

Easy to install, 4 choices of Polycarbonate and a range of colours. The Simplicity 35 can be manufactured to any length to meet specific requirements and can span up to 6 metres.

Simplicity Free

Our most innovative system with a fixed pitch roof. This truly modern structure features a quick-fit, top-fix/snap-down glazing solution to speed up the installation of the 6mm toughened glass.