A porch on the front or rear of your property will generate an air lock that separates your lovely warm home from the ravages of the English climate outside. But a porch can be so much more, it can bring shape and character to a building as well as a home for plants, coats and shoes.


A great way to create space between your home and the great outdoors!

Porches from Strata

Available in White uPVC, coloured uPVC, Hardwood and Aluminium, we have all the materials and tradesmen available to turn your dreams into reality. With our latest computer software we can show you in 3D just what your chosen design would look like on your home. Our range of made to measure porches can be built to replace an existing structure or can be added on to new base and brickwork.

Any of our door styles can be incorporated to enhance the overall look. Strata offer the full service including all groundworks, building and roofing (flat felt or pitched tile).