Security & Safety

Choosing the right windows and doors will enhance the security of your home, and protect your family and your possessions. At Strata, we make your safety and security our top priority.

Coloured UPVC Windows

A full range of safety features to keep your property secure!


The welfare of you and your family will be a very important consideration when upgrading/improving your property. Keyed locking handles and restrictor hinges will keep small children safe and secure whilst fire escape hinges can be specified for ease of accessibility.

Safety Features – Restrictor Hinge

A window casement is restricted in it’s opening. A pressure pad concealed within the hinge mechanism allows the window to be fully opened.

Safety Features – Safety Glazing

There are legal requirements to fit safety glazing in critical locations thus minimising the level of injury should an accident occur. Toughened or laminated glass that meet BS6206 should be used that will not break or will break safely. Strata install toughened glass to BS6206 to all doors, sidescreens and low level glazing as standard.


Security Features – Window Construction

With the amount of home break-in’s at it’s highest level for many years improved levels of security are of paramount importance when considering your replacement windows, doors, patio doors etc. Strata’s range of UPVC, hardwood and aluminium products have such security features as internal glazing beads – security glazing tapes – multipoint locking systems (shootbolt, hookbolt and deadbolt), double locking handles and high performance security devices, most of which are standard and will deter the most determined of intruders

Security Features – Security Glazing

Install toughened or laminated security glazing to the more vulnerable areas or your property. Please ask our trained advisors who will be more than happy to advise you of any aspect of safety or security you may be unsure of.