First Meeting

In an industry dogged with rogue salesman using high pressure and sometimes unethical sales techniques, Strata have firmly detached themselves from this image. Strata have always maintained a high profile but by using other acceptable marketing methods.

First meeting

Relax and browse with no obligation in our purpose built showroom!

You won’t find Strata selling from supermarket doorways, we don’t employ canvassers to knock on your door or telesales to ring you at inconvenient times.

You are a potential customer (not a “lead”) and you will decide (not us) when to begin your home improvements.

From the very first time that you visit our large, well presented showroom you will find that Strata is different.

All our sales advisors do not rely on earnings from sales or finance commissions and will therefore concentrate on listening to your needs and requirements and giving you the very best up to date advice.

If you have approximate sizes with you we can provide you with a showroom estimate or upon your request we can make an appointment for a home visit by our representative who will advise and assess your requirements, take measurements and provide you with a breakdown of all the costs giving you a fully detailed and itemised quotation, no hassle – no fuss.