Energy Saving

Investing in the future energy efficiency of your home has never been more important. All double glazing is not equal, that’s why at Strata we aim to provide you with ‘A’ rated double glazing to help preserve your homes energy to the greatest possible degree.

Energy Saving

Our ‘A’ Rated double glazing keeps the heat in your home!

Most household budgets are being stretched to their limits with the price of heating a major expense. Reduce your heating bills by properly insulating your home to avoid Unnecessary heat loss.

Strata’s high performance windows and doors coupled with the highest quality of installation will ensure that your home will remain warm and comfortable through the coldest of winters.

Soft-coat Energy Efficient Glass

As from April 2002 all replacement windows and doors must incorporate energy efficient glazing under Building Regulations Part ‘L’. Strata use a soft-coat option known as ‘Ultra N’ . This gives a ‘U’ value of 1.4 and with the regulations requiring less than 2.0, this is an excellent way to reduce unnecessary heat loss.

The image below “High Insulation Glazing” needs to have a point added above the “Full 20mm Airspace” pointing to the inside of the window pane called “Ultra N energy efficient coating”.