Aluminium Windows

The strength and sharp lines of aluminium windows are perfect for modern elegant structures. Aluminium can be powder coated to any available colour. This allows the customer to match their windows to other building features. Aluminium windows are particularly good where there are high levels of air pollutants as in salt water spray near the coast or exhaust emissions in the towns and cities.

Aluminium Windows

The natural strength of aluminium windows offer high levels of security and resistance to vandalism.

Aluminium Windows AND uPVC Windows Compared

For a long time now, uPVC was the standard choice for both windows and doors. For years, white uPVC windows have been popular choice in the UK and more recently, coloured uPVC windows in a range of shades have appeared. Despite the long-standing pattern of uPVC use, in recent years, aluminium has emerged as the newest preference with many customers. Reasons for this include a preference for the slim modern design afforded by the use of this material and for its outstanding thermal performance. Below are some of the reasons why aluminium windows are becoming increasingly the window of choice.


Aluminium windows and doors are simply far more robust and durable than PVC, which means they last much longer. Typical uPVC windows may last around 25 to 30 years, but with the right care, aluminium windows can last around 50 years!


One of the popular reasons cited for the choice of aluminium is exceptional thermal performance. This applies to both aluminium windows and aluminium doors. With excellent energy efficiency and greatly reduced condensation, choosing these products means a more comfortable living environment throughout the year.


You may have noticed that uPVC windows come in a fairly limited range of colour foil options and significantly, these can be easily marked and damaged. In contrast, aluminium windows are available in a full spectrum of modern colours and are even available with a variety of finishes and textures to help you create the look you require.


In addition to the exceptional natural strength of aluminium vs PVC, all aluminium windows and doors are highly secure. Key security features include top-quality hardware and multipoint shoot bolt locking mechanisms.


Thanks to the innate strength of aluminium, it is considerably more robust and durable than uPVC. In addition, as aluminium is a low density metal, using it makes it possible to achieve slimline window and door frames which are also exceptionally sturdy and strong.


It is worth nothing that PVC is cheaper than aluminium. This is not the whole story as the performance and quality of uPVC is a lot lower than aluminium as well. When the range of benefits is actually taken into account, aluminium windows are a prudent investment for any worthwhile project. As they say, you get what you pay for!

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See a sample of our aluminium windows installations

We install many more windows than we could possibly feature on this website but here is a small selection of the coloured uPVC windows recently installed by Strata. Click on the portfolio link below to expand the images gallery.

Aluminium Window Colours

Featured below is just a small selection of popular colours within a greater range available from Teknos, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of joinery coatings and a major producer of industrial, powder and architectural paints.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Window Styles

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Window Glazing Options

In addition to our standard glazing, there are settings where an obscure window is more appropriate. We offer windows with various patterns and styles. See our full range by clicking on the link below.