Coloured uPVC Windows

Coloured uPVC windows – The specification of our coloured and foiled uPVC windows includes internal bead glazing, shoot bolt/deadbolt locking, 28mm double glazed low e glazed units filled with Argon gas. We also include keyed locking handles and fire egress hinges where required. Our whole range of uPVC windows whether fully installed or supply only are manufactured to your exact measurements and specification.

Coloured UPVC Windows

Strata supply and install only the best coloured uPVC windows!

Argon filled double glazing

See a sample of our coloured uPVC windows installations

We install many more windows than we could possibly feature on this website but here is a small selection of the coloured uPVC windows recently installed by Strata. Click on the portfolio link below to expand the images gallery.

Golden Oak

Coloured uPVC Window Colours

Click on the colour options link below to se the range of hues available in our coloured uPVC windows.

Coloured uPVC Window Styles

Click on the window styles links below to see the range of options available to Strata customers.

Single panel styles
Double panel styles
Three panel styles
Four panel styles
Everglade - Privacy Level 5

White uPVC Window Options

In addition to our standard glazing, there are settings where an obscure window is more appropriate. We offer windows with various patterns and styles. See our full range by clicking on the link below.

Strata Windows

White uPVC Windows – Specification and Aftercare

To keep your windows looking and functioning their best for years to come, Strata advise a series of simple maintenance steps that will help make your investment last in superb condition for many years to come.

Features common to all our uPVC windows

Internally glazed system

Windows are glazed from the inside to prevent burglars removing vunerable external beading and gaining entry.

Multi-point security locking

Deadbolt, shotbolts and espagnolettes – the ultimate in security locking – all fitted as standard.

High security, highly durable hinges

A stainless steel, ultra smooth, firm closing asymmetric mechanism with security end cap and point.

Structural Reinforcement

Galvanised steel reinforcement is used where necessary, to manufacturer’s design specification.

Windows Features

Aftercare advice


To ensure your locks, hinges and handles perform easily and smoothly for years to come, it is essential that they are re-lubricated annually as the existing lubrication will soon dry out causing wear and stress to moving parts. The lubrication can be any light machine oil such as 3 in 1 Oil or WD40. The important point is that excess oil should be immediately wiped off to avoid drips staining surfaces and dirt will stick to excess oil causing other problems.


To keep glass clean and clear it needs washing periodically with a mild soapy solution and rinsing with clean water. Use of a wash leather will prevent streaks from water droplets running down the glass surface.

Anually the windows and glass may need a thorough clean. To do this, use the following procedure:

  • Hose or rinse off lose dirt that may scratch
  • Using a soft car brush that will not scratch the surface of glass or plastic, vigourously soap down glass and frame
  • Gently rinse off all surfaces with clean water
  • Any stubborn marks on PVC can be removed with a non-abrasive cream cleaner (e.g. CIF)
  • Marks on glass can be removed with a propiertry glass cleaner
  • Finally wipe all surfaces down with a wash leather and soft clean cloth
  • Drainage and Weatherseals

Avoid damage or dislodgement of seals as this will cause difficulty in obtaining a correct seal and create potential draughts. Damaged seals can often be replaced by contacting us.

uPVC window systems rely on an inbuilt drainage system that comprises of slots within the base rails or thresholds that allow any water ingress to flow to the outside. It is important therefore that these slots are kept clear by periodically removing any grit and dirt build-ups and flushing out with clean water.